• What you'll find inside

    The pictures below are an example of what you might find in a ScarfHound box.

    The Scarf

    The centerpiece of the box. The scarf will feature a unique design from a club you may have never heard of before. You may not know the club, but you'll love the scarf. As well as being unique, the scarf is made of either high quality acrylic or polyester, and is officially licensed from the club it comes from.


    Have a cool scarf you would like considered? Let us know!

  • The Scarf Hanger and Info Card

    With each scarf you receive you will also get a scarf hanger. This nifty piece is perfect for showing off your new scarf. Along with your scarf hanger and scarf, you'll also receive an info card that provides some information about the featured club.

  • Unique scarves delivered Montlhy

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